Attendance Procedures

Students missing classes will be contacted by the subject teacher to explain the importance of attending all classes; and will be assigned an appropriate consequence, including being referred to the Vice-Principle.

  • Call home including a warning about the next skip.
  • “Monitoring Sheet” – This sheet requires the student to obtain the signature of every teacher, and to return it to the Vice-Principal daily. Note: Failure to have a Monitoring Sheet signed and returned to the Vice-Principle may result in suspension.
  • Suspension for persistent truancy. Students returning from a formal suspension will have their parent(s)/guardian meet with the Vice-Principal. The intent of the reinstatement meeting of the student and parent with the Vice-Principal is to clarify school expectations, to develop strategies for improving attendance, and to establish a set of clear consequences culminating in a review of school program and school placement.



Students are expected to arrive to school on time so they can fully participate at the start of the school day. Important information is usually conveyed at the beginning of class and tardiness undermines both the student’s ability to learn as well as the teacher’s lesson. Please allow sufficient time for a trip to the locker and the collection of learning materials for morning classes. Punctuality is also important throughout the day; there are five minutes between classes which does not afford time for visiting with friends. It is particularly important to ensure that students leaving the school grounds for lunch return to class at the beginning of the third period. Consequences for repeated late arrivals may include detention(s), phone call to the parent/guardian, suspension or referral to an attendance counsellor.