Regular attendance in all classes is essential for success. It also demonstrates commitment and responsibility.

Attendance Management

1. Avoid making appointments or scheduling trips during school time.

2. When you know of an absence in advance:

have your parents/guardians phone or provide a note from home to the Vice-Principals’ office before 8:30am (416-393-9510, Option 1).
inform the teachers whose classes you will be missing.
make arrangements to get work in advance.
hand in assignments due before your absence.

Extended Absences: Planned absence of more than 4 days must be reported to the Main Office at least one week in advance of the absence. Extended absence may affect final marks.

3. When an absence is unexpected:

have your parents/guardians phone or send a note to the Vice-Principles’ Office as soon as possible – no later than your return (416-393-9510 ext. 20003).
make arrangements to catch up on work (in the case of a lengthy absence, consult your teachers for help and advice).

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4. When you are absent for a test:

see section on School Policy on Missed Evaluations.

5. If you have to sign out during the school day:

bring a note from home to the Vice-Principle’s Office before 8:30 am.
you will be given a sign-out permission slip if you need to leave during a class.
show this slip to your subject teacher before leaving.
when you return, sign in at the Vice-Principles’ Office.

6. Make REASONABLE CHOICES regarding involvement in extra-curricular activities (sports, music, clubs, etc), or having a part-time job.

7. Consult the school calendar before booking any family vacations. Family holidays during school time will affect academic progress. You can view the school calendar online by clicking here.

For Students Aged 18 Years and Over

Students who wish to be responsible for their own attendance and communication with the school must provide the Principal with written permission from their parents. A form for this purpose is available in the Vice-Principles’ Office. Over 18 students are still responsible for reporting absences and late’s to the appropriate Vice-Principles’ office.

Student Absence Line 416-393-9510 – Option 1