Code of Respect and Responsibilities

This Code of Respect and Responsibilities has been developed to explain how a positive atmosphere, good behaviour, and fair, firm and consistent discipline will be maintained on Lawrence Park Collegiate school sites and during all school-sponsored activities (on and off school property). This Code reflects the belief that it is everyone’s right and responsibility to promote and maintain a safe and respectful learning environment at Lawrence Park Collegiate in co-operation with the home, the school and the community. The following are foundations of mutual respect to which everyone in the school community must adhere.

Principles Rationale Responsibilities of School Community
1. Respect for self and others Self-respect, dignity, honestly, integrity and respect for cultural and racial differences are essential to our school and society. All are expected to treat each other with courtesy, honesty, integrity, and respect; abusive language, expressions of racial, ethnic or religious bias will not be tolerated by the Toronto District School Board nor by Lawrence Park Collegiate.
2. Respect for the learning process Our society stresses punctuality, preparation and organization as crucial skills for success and advancement. All are expected to engage actively in the learning process and to attend and be on time for all classes.
3. Respect for society All people are entitled to work in an environment that is safe and free of hazards. Everyone is required to follow safety rules and to cooperate fully.
4. Respect for property We all share responsibility for our environment. Everyone is expected to show respect for the school building, school property, the school neighbourhood and community, the belongings of others and the environment.