General Information

Student Council Executive 2006-2007
Jaye Evans, President
Russell Gray, Vice-President
Mackenzie Yeates, Social Convenor
Dylan Wu, Treasurer
Mark Shopiro, Internal Events Director
Yale Hertzman, Secretary

GAB (Girls’ Athletic Board) Executive 2006-2007
Holly Ouelette, President
Patsy Joe, Vice-President
Heather Grant, Secretary
Allison Zeldin, Treasurer
Lisa Fitzpatrick, Intramurals

BAB (Boys’ Athletic Board) Executive 2006-2007
Charlie Campbell/Stew Aguanno, Co-Presidents
Blaine McPhail, Vice-President
Matt Campbell, Secretary
Bradley Danks, Treasurer
Trevor Heyd/Geoff Sinclair, Exec. Officers
keith Mayerson, Intramurals

Music Council Executive 2006-2007
Kelly Cathcart, President
Maddie Lee, Secretary
Makda Hagos, Vice-President: Programs
Lucas Young, Treasurer
Michael Romaniak, Vice-President: Promotions
Shylo Adams, Yearbook Rep

Yearbook Staff 2006-2007
Victoria Grummett, Co-Editor
Klara Koicze, Co-Editor
Ailey Pacione, Co-Editor

Activity Fee
Your $60.00 fee covers:

the ROBUR, Lawrence Park’s yearbook
Eligibility for admission to all functions – some (e.g., dances) will involve an additional charge
Eligibility in all extra curricular and intramural programs (including clubs and athletics)
Participation in athletic programs
The Lawrence Park Student Agenda: Credo
LP Student Activity Card
Family membership in the School Council
You will receive a temporary Activity Card when you pay the student activity fee. You will receive the permanent photo-beating card during Photo Day.

Will be read daily and posted outside the Vice-Principles’ Office

Open for quiet study and lunch. Please keep tables clean, and use the litter and recycling facilities.

Health Services:
Public Health Nurse is at the school periodically. Please check with the main office for days and times.

Illness during the school day:
Report immediately to the Vice-Principals’ Office. Parents will be contacted before the student is sent home.

Opens at 8:00am – 3:35pm daily. Student assistants/volunteers are required. Student cards are required to sign out books. Carry your student card at all times. Fines are charged for overdue loans (10 cents per item per day – no maximum!). Renew books regularly that you need for long periods of time. The loan period is three weeks. Return or renew materials within the three-week period. DO not borrow books for other students using your student card. All library books must be returned by May 18th. Plan to finish your work using the library books and magazines by May 18th. For work extending beyond May 18th, photocopy any pages you require. Check and clear your account regularly. Magazines are to be used in the library or photocopied. Absolutely NO hats, coats, food or drinks allowed in the library. Use the library webpage for research at home. Refer to the Student Research Guide by clicking here.

Many college students have some sort of mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone. Because of this, mobile casinos Canada have become quite popular.

They are school property, and must be kept clean and properly locked. The Robur (student yearbook) will be withheld until graffiti is cleaned off lockers. The school cannot be responsible for items missing from lockers.

Lost & Found:
Wooden box outside Vice-Principles’ Office.

Lunch Period:
11:30 – 12:25pm. Lunch may be eaten in the Cafeteria, in the basement hallways, or outside, not in the hallways or classrooms. Please keep eating areas clean. Do not trespass or litter on private properties in the community.

Message Board:
Only in case of an emergency will messages be given directly to students. In all other instances, messages for students will be posted in the hall on the bulletin board, just outside the VPO. Students expecting a message are asked to check this spot throughout the day.

A limited number of spaces for students in the North parking lot only.

Participating in the Physical Education Program:
When taking part in the Physical Education Program, students MUST be properly attired. A proper uniform consists of a yellow T-shirt, white (sweat) socks, blue shorts and/or blue track pants and running shoes. Uniforms may be obtained from the Physical Education Department during the first weeks of September. The cost of the T-shirt is $16.00 and the cost of a pair of shorts is also $16.00. In order to participate in swimming, you must have a nylon swimsuit as well as a towel. Cut-off jeans are not considered proper swim attire. Students wishing to participate in weight training must have a ‘student activity card’ and have weight room membership; the membership fee is an initial cost of $20.00 plus an annual cost of $5.00 for the upkeep of the room.

Available in the library at the standard rates. Printing (25 cents/page).

Permission is required to post flyers and posters in and around the school. Students are asked to see an administrator prior to handing out material to students or posting information. The number of posters/flyers displaed at any one time may also be limited.

Robur (yearbook):
Distribute in June to all students who have paid their Student Activity Fee. Withheld from students with graffiti on lockers or who owe money for textbooks, library books, musical instruments or athletic equipment until they pay the sum owed.

Street Safety:
Jaywalking across Lawrence Ave. can be dangerous. Students are reminded to use the lights at Avenue Road or Chatsworth to cross the road. Playing (football, soccer, rugby, frisbee or just playing) on the street in front of the school is also a dangerous game and is not permitted. The school fields are a great place to engage in these activities. Even under damp conditions, the track and the outdoor basketball court offer a practical alternative to playing on the road.

Pay phones available in the basement. Office phones are for emergency use.

They are the property of the school. Please keep them in good condition. At the end of the year there may be a charge for damage. If you lose a textbook, you may buy a replacement from your subject teacher or at the main office.

Students are asked not to bring their valuables to school. It is particularly important to ensure that valuables are not left in vulnerable places during physical education classes. In spire of the best efforts of staff, change rooms and lockers are not entirely secure places. The school cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen articles.

USEFUL COMMUNITY SERVICES: (Youth Issues: Social, Emotional, Medical)
Kids Help Line: 1-800-668-6868
Oolagen Community Services: 416-960-9001
Delisle Youth Services: 416-482-0081
The Health Station: 416-486-8666
Teen Clinic (Sick Kids’ Hospital): 416-813-5804
Teen Clinic (North York General): 416-756-6750


Fire Alarm: Leave quickly by the nearest exit, cross to the other side of Chatsworth Drive.
Bomb Threat: The Principal will follow standard Board procedure.
Accidents & Injuries: Report immediately to the nearest staff member.
Thefts & Break-Ins: Report immediately to the nearest staff member.

LP Watch
If you see anything that concerns you, CALL…
Police Emergency: 911
Police Non-Emergency: 416-808-5300
School Office: 416-393-9500
LP Watch is Our School Safety Plan – 222-TIPS

School Song
Give a cheer for the good old gold and blue!
Let’s keep our colours strong and true!
We’ll keep on trying
With hope undying
Our spirit will shine through.
Let the love of learning thrive.
To work for our goals we’ll always strive
Give a cheer for our talent and our teamwork, too,
And make that cheer a vict’ry cry.
let’s go! We won’t stop until it’s victory
For the gang at L.P.C.I.

Lawrence Park’s motto is Amor Doctrinae Floreat, “Let the Love of Learning Flourish.”