Missed Evaluations

It is a student’s responsibility to be present at all evaluations.

1. Students who know in advance that they will miss an evaluation are responsible for notifying the teacher as soon as they become aware of the conflict. This policy also applies to absences necessitated by student involvement in school-sponsored events. Failure to communicate with the teacher in advance may result in a zero on the evaluation.

2. Students who do not know in advance that an evaluation will be missed must communicate with the teacher immediately upon their return to school about the missed evaluation in order to determine how the missed evaluation is to be handled.

a) Within 5 school days of their return, students are responsible for providing the subject teacher with a note from a parent, guardian or a doctor, specifying the date and explaining the reason for the missed evaluation. A family vacation scheduled during instructional time is not a satisfactory reason. Satisfaction reasons could be illness or funerals. Teachers are not required to remind students to submit notes.

b) If the specific note has been received, the term mark may be calculated on a narrower basis or an estimated mark may be given for the missed evaluation or the evaluation may be rescheduled.

c) If the specific note has not been received, then the student bay be given a zero on that evaluation and this will be calculated in the term mark.

For students whose valid absences are such that there are insufficient marks to form a reliable mark, or if (by reason of valid absence) the student’s mark is not based on the full range or difficulty of evaluations, teachers may require that an additional evaluation be completed at some time prior to the formal reporting period.


All students must complete all final evaluations or formal examinations throughout the year. Any student who is absent from any formal examination or final evaluation will receive a zero unless a medical certificate is provided to the Vice-Principal.