Range of Consequences

When a student’s conduct is contrary to the expectation laid out in our Code of Conduct, depending on the frequency and severity of the misdemeanour, a range of consequences is to be expected as follows:

informal interview and counselling of students;
before or after school detentions;
Guidance counsellor, social worker, psychologist involvement to help in the development of a plan that will assist the student to benefit from school, understand acceptable behaviours and/or solve problems that are impeding progress;
formal interview with Vice-Principal; parents/guardians may be invited to participate in the process;
behaviour/performance contract;
restitution – students, or parents/guardians of students under eighteen years of age may be required to make financial or other restitution to compensate for damages to school or private property;
withdrawal of privileges, including co-curricular and extra-curricular;
program modification;
temporary withdrawal from class;
school community service;
police/criminal charges – when there is a violation of the criminal code, the police will be notified and charges may be laid;
racial incidents and incidents of sexual harassment or homophobia will be dealt with as prescribed by Board policy and may also be referred to the Human Rights Commission.
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