Say NO To Bullying

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Verbal bullying involves teasing, name-calling, put-downs, insults, sarcasm, undermining, racist/sexist comments, exclusion/freezing out, and/or gossip. Bullying may also take the form of physical abuse (punching, hitting, shoving, kicking, tripping, intimidation, threats, extortion, or stealing/damaging property).

Bullying and Harassment only work as long as the perpetrators can convince you that

you cannot be protected
to report above would be “telling”

As a school you can be assured that

all reports of bullying or harassment will be investigated fully
your confidentiality will be protected and respected
those who perpetrate bullying or harassment will either cease the behaviour or be removed from the school

The bully’s best friend is your silence. If you witness bullying or harassment, report it. You will not be identified and all investigations will be carried out with the utmost discretion. Remember that the victim of bullying or harassment is the least likely person to report it. You show good citizenship and maturity when you take steps to end this subtle and destructive form of violence.

Every student has the absolute right to attend our school without fear of verbal or physical violence, intimidation or humiliation. Support your rights. Support your school.

In September, 2006, a Peer Mediation program will be in effect at Lawrence Park. The program will be run by students in an effort to reduce interpersonal conflicts between students. The Peer mediation program will be recommended for the following types of disruptive behaviours:

Abusive language to peers
Threats to peers
Damage to other’s property
Neglect to return borrowed items
Girlfriend/Boyfriend disputes
Physical altercations
Unfulfilled obligation

Behaviours that require disciplinary action will continue to be handled by the school’s administrative team.

Ways to Handle Put-Downs and Bullying

Ignore (say nothing, show no reaction)
Walk away
Say to the person: Don’t talk to me like that or I’ll report you to the office
Report to a teacher, Vice-Principal
Whenever you see anyone being bullied, victimized or harassed, report it to a teacher, counsellor, parent or administrator. Your confidentiality will be assured. Don’t hesitate to take a stand for every individual to feel safe and to be respected at Lawrence Park. help keep LP safe, come out and join ESP (Empowered Student Partnerships.)