School Policy

Welcome to the School Policy pages. Most of the information contained within this section can also be found within the first 27 pages of the student credo (agenda). If parents (or anyone else interested) are looking for information regarding the school policy (such as academic honesty, student codes, and consequences for actions), then please select the appropriate link below. If you have any questions regarding our school policy, please contact Lawrence Park directly at 416-393-9500.

Note that most of these policies are related to Lawrence Park and possibly Lawrence Park only. School policies may and do differ between schools. If you wish to view the general TDSB policy, please click here.

General School Information
Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
125 Chatsworth Dr., Toronto, Ontario M4R 1S1
Tel: 416-393-9500
Fax: 416-393-9524

Mr. B. McGregor – Principal

Ms. H. Vokas
Ms. A. Wong – Vice-Principals

Mr. D. Hedrick – Curriculum Leader of Student Services

School Policy Table of Contents
1) Credo Introduction
2) Student Timetables
3) Policy Introduction
4) Code of Respect and Responsibilities
5) Student Code of Respect and Responsibilities
6) Range of Consequences
7) Allergy Alert – Sabrina’s Law
8) Garbage and Recycling
9) Say NO To Bullying
10) Academic Programs
11) Academic Enrichment at Lawrence Park
12) Guidance and Career Studies
13) Keys To Academic Success
14) Academic Course Load Policy
15) Student Evaluation 2006-2007
16) Academic Standing
17) School Policy on Missed Evaluations
18) Attendance
19) Attendance Procedures
20) General Information for Students and Parents